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FloorPro's crew supervisors have worked up through the ranks, and track every phase of the job from bid to completion.  The equipment is kept in top notch shape by a full-time shop foreman and 2 mechanics.  Jerald Power, executive vice-president & operations manager, assigns the crews and equipment based on the requirement of each contract to ensure customer satisfaction.  A fleet of 28 trucks, including semitrailer rigs, transport the crew along with their materials and equipment from coast to coast - and just about anywhere in between.

Our crews work when other companies don't!
(Holidays, weekends, or nights)
We schedule to minimize your downtime!

Each crew member is also well trained in safety measures, to protect themselves and FloorPro's customers from any possible hazards resulting from the chemical components in the materials, which may be hazardous until properly mixed and applied.   They use approved NIOSHA respirators and other protective equipment when needed for their own safety.  Manufacturer recommended methods of application and transportation of materials are always followed. Copy of Fpmach23.jpg (6471 bytes)

"Every crew member is skilled in every phase of work. Cross-training is required. Everyone starts as a laborer learning how to use each piece of equipment and how to apply each type of coating."  Betty Head, President of FloorPro, Inc.

Everyone who handles materials is trained and must pass Department of Transportation requirements.

Our Toll Free Number is: 1-800-52-FLOOR (800-523-5667)

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