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FloorPro will install and maintain your concrete floor or structure. Typical applications include floors for manufacturing or research, food services, waste or water treatment plants, warehouses, chemical areas, automobile dealership garages and showrooms, parking garages and aviation facilities.  FloorPro also installs coatings for secondary containment, tank linings, flexible membranes and wear-resistant surfaces.

Major Divisions

Industrial Floors
Protection - Coating Overlay to protect floor from traffic or chemical wear
Renovation - "Before" & "After"        
Structural Concrete Repair & Protection of Infrastructure
Parking Garage Repair & Protection
Corrosion Resistant Linings & Secondary Containment
Specialty Waterproofing
Plant/Warehouse Repair, Maintenance & Protection
Aviation Facilities Maintenance & Repair


FloorPro, Inc. maintains one of the largest fleets of cleaning and resurfacing equipment in the nation. 

We use technologically advanced  dust-free shot blast and water blast equipment, scarifiers and scrubbers to prepare surfaces for the application of the most appropriate coatings to cover and protect your structure.

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"FloorPro service available from coast to coast"

Only the best products made by reputable high-quality manufacturers

Competitive Pricing

A Winning Strategy

FloorPro works nights, weekends, and holidays, scheduling installation to minimize your shutdown time. FloorPro is committed to value and service.  We offer everything you need for long lasting durable results.
Flexible Scheduling
Personalized Service
In-house Maintenance Personnel
Wide Range of Durable Coatings 
Free Facility Survey
Consistent Quality Control
Toll Free Customer Service Line
Reliable Turn-key Operation
Guaranteed Results
OSHA, USDA Standards

Heavy traffic, the presence of chemicals or corrosives, and other demanding conditions help FloorPro determine which coatings are best for each application, and best for the customers' facilities to meet applicable on-site conditions.

Companies We Have Served

Ford Motor Company General Motors Kroger
General Electric Lockheed 3M
Westinghouse Hyster Control Data
Northrop Clark Equipment Budd Company
Cessna Gates Lear Jet UPS
United Airlines United Defense LexMark
Boeing IBM
U.S. Army U.S. Navy U.S. Air Force
U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Marines

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Our Toll Free Number is: 1-800-52-FLOOR (800-523-5667)


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