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FloorPro,Inc is a full service, nationwide industrial flooring contractor.  We specialize in the application of ....

urethane and epoxy coatings
epoxy overlays
expansion joint repairs
elastomeric membranes featuring instant cure polyurea
dust-free shot blasting
corrosion resistant coating for floors
coatings for containment areas
conductive flooring
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... and virtually all work related to concrete restoration and protection.

FloorPro is knowledgeable in providing all required paperwork, prevailing wage and certified payrolls, etc. for military, governmental, and private sector work.  All of our employees are full-time.  We can provide numerous references from general contractors as well as references from the various military installations where we have worked.

FloorPro, Inc has installed 80+ million square feet of coatings, overlays and resurfacers

Here are Examples of FloorPro services. Please check out the pictures.

Our Toll Free Number is: 1-800-52-FLOOR (800-523-5667)

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